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First is important

First is important.

First is new.

Being first is risky. The first animal to break from the herd is often the first one hunted and killed.

First is exciting! Your first blog, your first sale, your first show. It’s opening night!!

First is terrifying. Your first blog, your first sale, your first show…gasp! It’s opening night…

First is unique.

First is memorable. A baby’s first steps. The first man on the moon. Your first paycheck. Your first date. Your first kiss.

First is special.

First is painful.

First is revered. Firstborn children were revered by kings and pharaohs and common folk so much that they changed the course of history again and again.

First is personal.

A musician’s first album is scrutinized and criticized, enough to stop many from making a second.

First is fleeting.

First one to the finish line wins, last one there is a rotten egg.

The first company to mind share wins. We Google. We don’t Bing. We Xerox sheets of paper instead of Hewlett-Packarding them. We drink Frappuccino’s and Tivo our favorite shows and wipe our noses with Kleenex.

First is important for many reasons. But second can be just as important…

Second gives weight to first. Second creates momentum, movement, relationship. Second establishes time. Second starts a pattern. The first sound by itself is noise, but add a second and it’s music. Second is meaning. Second can be friend or foe to first, supporter or rebel. There’s a lot to being second too.

This is my first blog post on a brand new site. It took a lot of almost-firsts to get here, but almost-firsts don’t matter.
Firsts do.
And seconds.
And thirds.

Pretty soon we have meaning, and movement, and momentum to change the world for the better and do something fly.

That’s the most important thing, right?