I live in the projects.

Watch this space for the meat and potatoes of Do Something Fly. I’ll list the projects I’m working/collaborating on and give you a behind-the-scenes look at how they went down. Epic.

Here are three for early 2011:

My very own Alcatraz, An Escape in Four Acts

View from my old office
I have a day job in San Francisco that I loathe. I can literally see Alcatraz, the famous island prison, from my office window. I need to escape, and I have a plan…

UPDATE: Escaped!

The All-You-Can-Jet series

AYCJ Logo from my track jacket - thanks jetBlue!
In the fall of 2010 I traveled to nine states in four weekends as part of JetBlue’s All-You-Can-Jet pass. It was an amazing adventure, to say the least. The series is a collection of stories, videos, photos, and business coolness that I’m looking forward to finishing and finally sharing.

UPDATE: I did it again in the fall of 2011! This time for THREE MONTHS!

The redesign - chiggity check it
You can see my old portfolio at It’s in Flash and needs a serious overhaul. One of my ideas for Do Something Fly is having the site be an unconventional approach to the artist portfolio. Let me know if you have any ideas. This one would be really cool to collaborate on with you fly folks.

UPDATE: Portfolio updated!