Suck At List, Look, Yes!

On the road to flyness, one must be brutally honest with oneself in order to grow. For me, I have a difficult time sharing my weaknesses and keeping it real. I’ve erred on the side of perfectionism and I’d like to change that, one sucky thing at a time. I have to fail. More. This is my suckyspace, for all to see. My vulnerability couch. My fail wall. Things I suck at doing well, for now, or ever. I’ll expand a few of these into posts, in which I hope you find lessons more than laughter. But if you laugh at my misfortune, that’s cool too. I’m pretty sure I’m way better than you at something.

Oh, and I’m going to turn off comments in this section right off the bat, because I haven’t cried since watching Lion King and I intend to keep it that way. Unless someone emails me a real good reason to turn them on. Here are a few things I suck at right now:

  • blogging (obviously)
  • perfectionism
  • time management
  • basketball (this one’s not going away anytime soon)
  • breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth